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Create to Inspire by Michael Morgan



Create to Inspire by Michael Morgan

My name is Michael Morgan and I create to inspire. I say this because I can remember those who inspired me growing up, they were not the big name masters in the history book Rembrandt or Van Gogh. They were real artists, real people, working artists always amazed me. People who made it look fun and made a living doing it. The working artist the comic book illustrator, the sign painter, the airbrush guy, the mural artist. These were the guys who did it everyday and were true to the core contemporary artist, pop culture artists. A guy could not get a loan and a business plan and do what they do, they were made of talent. This inspired me. I remember seeing art all over my city growing up and I would look close to see who did it, I began to recognize names and styles to those names. It was always so fun to finally meet an artist I had visually crawled over every detail of many of there works before I finally had the chance to meet them in real life. It was like knowing someone before they knew you. When they knew my work also, that is when I realized you can know a person long before you ever shook hands for the first time. Inspiration does not always have to come from the famous, it often comes from your environments your impacts and your appreciation of others work and the way they go about doing that work. So the next time you make something or write something or build something or paint or design something remember your ripple effect just may inspire someone you have never known in a way that you have never known. -Michael Morgan   Michael Morgan the artist

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