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Redding Graphic Design Trends

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I have been specializing in graphic design in Redding Ca for 18 years now, wow time flies. Just as time flies by so do the trends, it’s fascinating how they change year after year. The look, branding and identities have changes in which sometimes are ever so subtle and sometimes drastically they change overnight. One of the greatest challenges of a graphic designer or any designer for that fact is to design in a manner that is timeless. Yes a sound design that can with stand the brutal test of time trend and the concept of what is fashionable.

I started out my career in Redding Ca catering to the edgy crowd, I was younger and my friends were the younger entrepreneurial types that had started their own businesses, which I would come up with branding concepts designs for. The local tattoo shops, motorcycle shops, the local clothing stores and shops. In the early 2000’s they wanted rough and jagged, a Xeroxed look, distressed type of designs. We were tired of seeing how straight perfect and lined up everything was. Generation and decades rebel against heir past, we design one way for 10 years and then suddenly ten years later decide that way is outdated, lame and not even close to cool. Now I see the trend has changed back to a clean clear noble look. The days of splatter and rage are over and now we have a breath of fresh air with cleanliness and legibility. I really like where design is right now in California. It has class; I can see that the corporate crisp and clean branding of America has rubbed off on the younger fresh breed of designers. Now is a great time for a emerging designer because the trend currently is simplicity through strong design and simple direct color palettes. One might think a simple logo is easy to whip out real quick in 20 minutes, but this is not the case. Having the intellect to comprise a harmonious smart logical clean and precise logo is very difficult and is a great challenge. Many drafts may lead up to even the most simple of logos or graphic deigns. Solutions are often found only through the exploration of ideas and concepts.

Redding has a special place in my heart as a designer because my environment, northern California has sculpted me into the artist I am. I was inspired and learned from the past artistic trends of my city and now I am one of the trendsetters in my city. We as graphic designers decide how things are going to look, and are the new inspiration for the next generation of designers. And very soon our great ideas of today will soon be obsolete as the trend updates. It is so exciting to see how design can be influenced by old trends and modified with current technique and color palettes to create a whole new contemporary look or trend. So the next time you driving and you see a new sign has been put up in place of the old, think of how the new reflected in theold and how the update is the synapse of the notion of a mere mortal design trend.This is a design for a tee shirt based on a modern trend

Michael Morgan

Graphic Designer

Redding California

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