Custom embroidered hats with your logo.

We offer custom embroidery services so you can gear up your customers and employees with great looking hats and caps. We have lots of Friends and family in Redding Ca that have had hats made with MD182.com and they tell us they really generate and buzz and really promote well. Embroidered hats look great and you can get them in almost any color. Send us your logo or have us create on for you, we will have your art digitized and your product custom embroidered at an affordable  price.
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Trends in Hats

We are young trendy artists ourselves and have spent tons of time ordering hats and samples finding who and what hat is the hat everyone likes. We found that the younger generation typically like to wear the flat bill hats. While the older or middle age types like to wear a curve billed hat. It is a matter of preference, either way we know how to get your logo and graphic put on your hat of choice and get them in your hats ready to give away as a promotional tool or to sell if you are into retail. Most people put a logo on the front but you can do more than that if you want to get really custom we can come up with a all over repeat print design with our custom cut and sew fabrication services. You can get the latest styles the exact same hats you see in the mall, with MD182.com you can have your own hats made.
Embroidered hat by MD182.com

Excite your employees

See how excited you employees get with you hand them a company hat with you company logo. Let them advertise for you while looking great in a new hat. They show a sense of company pride and loyalty, it is a win win situation for the both of you.

People will actually wear these hats

Giveaways, nothing tells a client you value their business relationship like a hat. Companies need to have a good looking free product if they are going to spend money on giveaways. These hats are picked based on what people will actually wear this isnt a $2 hat that nobody will wear. these are store quality made with the intention that they will be fashionable enough to wear out in public and generate peoples interest about your business through style design and fashion.
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