Blog Post Is package design important?

Is package design important?



Is package design important?

Lets talk about a fun topic…. Package design why it’s important and why you should contact us for your next product.   Lets take Oreo Cookies, who doesn’t love cookies I know I do. Do you see it the logo… the colors. It is easy; you have seen it for years because THAT’S GOOD PACKAGING. So lets talk about how they got there. Well first the needed to find something that would hold rows of delicious cookies…and they needed to find a material that would keep the cookies fresh. Then they needed a company like MD182 that could design the outside placing things like text that describes all the ingredient and allergens and UPC (store scanner codes) as well as weight. Of course that wonderful Logo and clear description of what flavor cookies is waiting inside. Yum! MD182 has packaged things from salad dressings to simple square boxes. One great thing we do is complete each project and send over photographic proof so you are able to see almost the finished product. Once it gets an approval its ready for print. If you have a product you would like to package and sell contact us we can help you with everything. Business cards banner brochures package design store sales/data sheets to help market your product. Don’t let your product hit the stores with just basic packaging call us and we will help brand your business. -Nikki Morgan Co-owner at

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