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We create a custom-made logo for you, a unique one-off design specifically made for your business. The most personalized way to get your logo done.

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Why is step one the logo? At Md182.com we like to say that the logo is step one in business branding and corporate identity. A great logo is so important to a strong business that we firmly believe it can be one of the definitive elements as to whether or not a business rises to the next level of success. People take comfort in seeing other people well put together. Subconscious questions are pondered: Are they clean and well-dressed? Is their hair combed? Do they seem trustworthy? It is exactly the same thing when it comes to a potential customer’s first impression of a business. The potential customer subconsciously asks themselves: Is this company that I am possibly choosing to do business with worthy of my time and money? Do they look the part? Do they seem reliable? Will they deliver a good product or service as I need? These are all first impressions that you must address, and a logo can help make a great first impression. It is often true that looks are not everything, but not in the case of business branding and corporate logo identity. We say this because average consumers do, in fact, judge a book by its cover, because it is all that your potential customers have to go off of. Until they have actually used or verified your product or services, they are only judging by the business identity, so a logo is a key element in creating a sense of comfort for your potential customers.

Enjoy reading this article about how a logo is made this article take you through the process of having a logo made.