Blog Post 5 Signs That Your Redding Business Could Benefit From a New Logo Design

5 Signs That Your Redding Business Could Benefit From a New Logo Design



5 Signs That Your Redding Business Could Benefit From a New Logo Design

LOGO MD5397A logo can hold a lot of weight when it comes to making a company memorable in the minds of consumers. People often retain visuals easier than they do text, making an appealing logo more valuable than a lot of business owners give it credit. Logos are used to represent a business and send a message about the brand, so it should always be kept up-to-date. Even if you have an established company, as it continues to evolve, so should the logo that is associated with it. Below are some signs that your current logo design could actually be weakening the effectiveness of your Redding business. If any of these seem to apply to your design, it’s probably time to get the help of a professional designer.

Your Logo Doesn’t Adjust Well to Multiple Platforms

The advancement of technology and changes in the way businesses are communicating with potential and existing customers has had a significant impact on the efficiency of logos. A quality logo is now defined by its ability to adapt to whatever platform it’s being promoted on, which can be anything from traditional forms of advertising (billboards, letterheads, postcards, etc.) to contemporary media sources (Facebook, websites, mobile devices). As a result, if your logo doesn’t adjust well in color and size to all mediums and still look attractive, it could end up being a major turn-off.

Your Logo is Too Complex

A logo should be able to communicate without giving an overload of information. This means making sure it’s meaningful yet effortless to understand. If consumers have to think too much about a design, chances are, they’ll forget about it and move on to something else. Complex logo designs frequently look outdated and are also too obscure to easily translate across platforms.

Your Logo is no Longer Reflective of Your Company

If your business has been around for awhile, there’s a likelihood that it has grown to offer more products and/or services than what it started out with. Since a logo is meant to convey what a business specializes in to the public, if yours no longer reflects your current offerings, you will want to consider a new branding strategy and incorporate a fitting logo.

Your Logo is the Product of a DIY Project

Many times business owners have smaller budgets when first launching a company and decide to create a logo themselves or choose something that’s already been done. Now that you’re up and running, it’s a good idea to sit down with an experienced logo designer who understands the importance and features of a good, unique logo. A professional company deserves to be represented by a professionally designed logo.

Your Competition’s Logo Design is Better

No one wants their business to be outshined by the competition, so if this is the situation you’re facing, it’s time to do something about it. Social media and increased use of the Internet has made it possible for consumers to compare every aspect of a company before choosing the one they like better. This means that if your logo design doesn’t stack up against someone else’s, there’s a good chance you’ll be rejected more often than not. Sometimes a little change is just the thing to give your Redding business that boost it needs to gain recognition and become more profitable, and a new logo design can accomplish that.

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