Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Orders, (Goods) are placed in production the day we receive payment in full, and artwork is approved. Please allow at least 14 days from that date to complete the order. A confirmation will be sent to you with the planned exit date. Additional fees apply for rush service. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact us with any changes before the order goes into production. Once orders are placed in production, orders may not be substituted or cancelled. Allow up to a 5% defect ratio on standard, and a 7% defect ratio on jumbo printed, manufactured, and embroidered merchandise. Invoices will be adjusted to the actual quantities shipped once determined. Buyer is responsible to pay for the actual quantities shipped. Due to the defect ratio, MD182.com must purchase additional blank items to print on to get as close to the actual amount ordered, therefore the Buyer must purchase the additional pieces.  


All orders will be shipped via UPS ground, and insured for the total amount of the invoice at the buyer’s expense, unless buyer notifies MD182.com in writing of their preferred shipping method. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to notify MD182.com of their preferred shipping methods at the time the order is placed. Estimated shipping costs are supplied at Buyers request. Actual costs are determined at the time the goods are boxed and weighed. A small handling fee is included to cover packaging materials. Buyers are responsible and liable to pay all shipping costs incurred by MD182.com. Buyers shipping goods via Buyers account must supply MD182.com with the account number before the order goes into production. Additional fees apply if MD182.com must deliver Goods to the Buyers carrier. It is Buyer’s responsibility to coordinate the shipping details when using Buyers carrier. All prices are F.O.B. Seller’s factory. Once Goods are picked up by Buyers carrier, or delivered by MD182.com to a common carrier, the Goods become the property of the Buyer. MD182.com is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen, or damaged parcels once the goods leave our warehouse facility. Exit dates, or delivery dates are not guaranteed by MD182.com.  


There are no returns, exchanges, refunds or changes to sewn, printed, embroidered or designed merchandise. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect all merchandise before washing, or wearing. Once merchandise has been washed or worn, the Buyer cannot return it, or make any defect claims. All claims of shortages, or defective merchandise must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. Returns will be accepted with prior authorization from MD182.com. An RA number to return the goods will be supplied to you for the return of goods. All returned goods will be inspected, and with authorization either re-printed, or a credit will be issued. MD182.com reserves all rights to make the determination of whether to reprint defects or issue a credit.  


Unless otherwise stated, payment terms are the total in full, before the goods are shipped, including shipping charges. A 4% credit card transaction fee is added when payment is by credit card. Buyer authorizes MD182.com to charge the credit card for shipping costs, and any remaining amounts due at the time the Goods are shipped. Sales tax is included unless we have a valid resale certificate on file. Sales tax does not apply to shipments outside of California. A 1.5% monthly finance charge is added to unpaid invoices 30 days past due. A $30.00 returned check fee is charged each time your check is not honored by your bank.  


Seller’s acceptance of Buyer’s order is expressly conditioned on Buyer’s assent that all the terms and conditions contained herein or on the invoice thereof are the sole terms governing this transaction. If these terms and conditions are not acceptable, Buyer must notify Seller in writing within five (7) days of the date hereof. Buyer’s failure to so notify Seller within such period, or Buyer’s taking delivery of any Goods supplied hereunder, whichever occurs first, shall constitute Buyer’s assent to and acceptance of such terms and conditions.   SCREEN & FILM: All screen and film is produced to complete your order, and remains the property of MD182.com. If you wish to purchase film or screens, additional fees will apply.  


Artwork is produced to complete your order, and remain the property of MD182.com. Designs are sent to you for approval via email. If you wish to purchase other formats of the artwork, additional fees apply. All artwork produced by MD182.com is granted permission to be used in print and on the web as may be posted published for general marketing for MD182.com. All art work and graphic design services including revisions and alterations, file transfers, or modifications are to be billed to the customer at a rate of $50 per hour.